26 May 2011

Men, Dress Like Arnold!

I couldn't resist it. I enjoyed finding the perfect Helga-outfit so much that I couldn't wait to find an outfit for the guys resembling Arnold's attire!


Again, I tried to find an outfit that was wearable, without looking as animated as this particular guy:


To be truthful, the shirt was extremely difficult to find, I found a lot of red and navy plaid, but not a whole lot of red and yellow, such as Arnold's from the show. Anyway, here's the lowdown:


The shirt is from Neiman Marcus, but I got the photo from Zappos.com, where it is also sold. The zip-up hoodie is from AmericanApparel.net. The jeans are from OldNavy.com. They can really just be any kind of jeans, but I chose skinny jeans because Arnold's pants in the cartoon do not flare out at all, they stick to his legs. For guys who don't prefer skinnies, I recommend boot-cut. The shoes are from DrMartens.com, and the hat I just found on Google, but I'm sure you can find plain hats anywhere. I chose the navy blue colour for his hat to go better with the whole ensemble.

There you have it! The Arnold-outfit! Now, I promise, no more outfit making until I get a few more juicier blog entries posted. The next entry I already have an idea for. =) Stay tuned!

23 May 2011

Dress Like Helga!

I've been meaning to do this for a while; look for clothing items that could match the outfit worn by Helga G. Pataki.


My version doesn't look exactly like Helga's, but that's what makes it so wearable for girls everywhere if you don't like people to pick you out of a crowd thinking you're wearing a costume such as this girl:


Without further ado, here is my version!


The dress I plucked from Forever21.com, the locket is from Etsy.com, and the shoes are from Keds.com. I guess one could find a plain t-shirt like this anywhere, but I found the pic from Google. Finally, the ribbon can be found at most craft stores.

This was a really fun project, I may do outfits for more characters from Hey Arnold! in the future, but until then, have an awesome today (because I don't know what day you'll be reading this)!

04 May 2011

The Rules

This blog is mainly just for fun, but it's mostly going to be all about relationships and girly things like what we tend to do and whatnot. Perhaps on occasion suggesting what men should and shouldn't do in and out of a relationship, or giving tips for singles and couples and all that jazz.

I may occasionally write a few entries about myself such as important points about previous relationships. Maybe what I look for in a man today or, if I decide to go on any casual dates in the future to describe how it went. Although these will be considered "about me" entries, I will put them to good use for all of you by giving advice I wish I would have gotten before my previous experiences.

For any fans out there, I will also be making use of my Hey Arnold! knowledge in this blog by making references to characters or episodes from time to time. Please read the disclaimer on this page.

Although this blog may look all girly, I do believe that men will also benefit from reading this blog every so often. I always hear guys complaining about how they don't get it when it comes to girls. I think you'll probably understand better by reading a blog from a girl's perspective. You'll also benefit by reading about what women want from a man as well as how men should treat women.

If I have forgotten anything, I'm sure I'll write a post about it in the future. Until then, have a great time on this blog! =)