26 May 2011

Men, Dress Like Arnold!

I couldn't resist it. I enjoyed finding the perfect Helga-outfit so much that I couldn't wait to find an outfit for the guys resembling Arnold's attire!


Again, I tried to find an outfit that was wearable, without looking as animated as this particular guy:


To be truthful, the shirt was extremely difficult to find, I found a lot of red and navy plaid, but not a whole lot of red and yellow, such as Arnold's from the show. Anyway, here's the lowdown:


The shirt is from Neiman Marcus, but I got the photo from Zappos.com, where it is also sold. The zip-up hoodie is from AmericanApparel.net. The jeans are from OldNavy.com. They can really just be any kind of jeans, but I chose skinny jeans because Arnold's pants in the cartoon do not flare out at all, they stick to his legs. For guys who don't prefer skinnies, I recommend boot-cut. The shoes are from DrMartens.com, and the hat I just found on Google, but I'm sure you can find plain hats anywhere. I chose the navy blue colour for his hat to go better with the whole ensemble.

There you have it! The Arnold-outfit! Now, I promise, no more outfit making until I get a few more juicier blog entries posted. The next entry I already have an idea for. =) Stay tuned!

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