23 May 2011

Dress Like Helga!

I've been meaning to do this for a while; look for clothing items that could match the outfit worn by Helga G. Pataki.


My version doesn't look exactly like Helga's, but that's what makes it so wearable for girls everywhere if you don't like people to pick you out of a crowd thinking you're wearing a costume such as this girl:


Without further ado, here is my version!


The dress I plucked from Forever21.com, the locket is from Etsy.com, and the shoes are from Keds.com. I guess one could find a plain t-shirt like this anywhere, but I found the pic from Google. Finally, the ribbon can be found at most craft stores.

This was a really fun project, I may do outfits for more characters from Hey Arnold! in the future, but until then, have an awesome today (because I don't know what day you'll be reading this)!

1 comment:

  1. You're on smosh.com! Haha, but I really like the outfit it's well done. I remember that show I used to adore it