26 August 2011

Friday Night Movie!

I've decided to have a more scheduled blog starting today. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but haven't had much time. I'm not going to make any promises right now because I am still becoming adjusted to my own schedule, so just bare with me for the time being.

Today is Friday, the beginning of the weekend, the beginning of freedom and sanity (or insanity if you so please)! And what better way to start the weekend with your girl friends or even a pint of your favorite ice cream flavor for a night of awesome flicks?

I know it's extremely cliche, but I really dig chick flicks. A lot of them are really cheesy and lame, but I think it's embedded into all girls' subconscious to love them anyway.

Tonight's pick is Win a Date with Tad Hamilton.

Why did I pick this one? Because I just watched it last night... Haha! But it made me realise, between the cheesy lines and lame acting, that the movie was in some way similar to Arnold and Helga's relationship.

Rosie really likes Tad Hamilton, but Pete really loves Rosie. Kind of like how Arnold really likes Lila Sawyer (or liked, according to Timberly Loves Arnold, when Arnold said he was done with pursuing Lila), but Helga really loves Arnold.

What do Lila and Tad have in common? To everyone else, they are two perfect beings. Lila is beautiful, Tad is handsome. They both have a sort of act going on. Lila has the nice-girl act down, which attracts Arnold, while Tad acts chivalrous in order to keep Rosie attached.

What do Helga and Pete have in common? They are both head over heels for Arnold and Rosie, yet they dare not say anything to anyone. Although, I do think that Helga would go to more extremes to see that Arnold is in good hands, while throughout the movie I was a bit disappointed in Pete's willingness to do the same. He actually acted kind of like a jerk a few times, but then, Helga is kind of a bully to Arnold.

What do Arnold and Rosie have in common? I think the fact that they are both dense as rocks is a huge deal. They don't realise that Helga or Pete love them so much. They are also blinded by infatuation. Lila seems perfect to Arnold, and Tad seems perfect to Rosie, but the fact is, their personalities do not match as couples at all. Lila is too simple for Arnold, and Tad is too complicated for Rosie (because Rosie is more of a small town girl and Tad is a famous, busy actor).

I feel like this is just an essay comparing the movie to my obsession with Hey Arnold!, so I'll just close by saying that I recommend you watch this movie. And for men who aren't chick-flick-shy, I also recommend you watch this movie because Pete says something to Tad about Rosie that seriously made me gush and would probably make any other girl gush if it was said about them and of course was not made up.

Now, I know that Helga Pataki is likely not one of those girls who will spring for a chick flick, so on the next Friday Night Movie I promise I'll pick a different genre. =]

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