31 August 2011

Makeover Wednesday!

I've decided to use Wednesdays to disperse my knowledge of everything girl-related. From hair coloring to lovely pedicures, from hats to high heels! I'll be giving some tips and hints as well as personal opinions and ideas on how to keep looking beautiful. Stay tuned on Wednesdays, girls!

Today's topic: Taming dry, frizzy hair.

Frizzy hair comes from environmental factors, as well as damage from heated styling tools or chemical treatments.

My own naturally wavy hair has been a giant nest thanks to a previous bleach-blonding experiment. I have also been the victim of extreme day-to-day heat styling. So, for several months I've been trying new tactics and experimenting with all sorts of products in order to achieve the soft locks that I once had.

So let's see how we can tame those tangles!

Step One: While in the shower, shampoo and condition with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Before using the conditioner, gently squeeze any excess water out of your hair. I highly recommend products that contain nourishing oils such as the products in the photos above (Dove Nourishing Oil Care, One N' Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair). Do not attack your hair with the towel. Gently squeeze excess water and pat out the moisture.

Step Two: If you can help it, allow your hair to air-dry. While you're waiting, apply a leave-in. Personally, I'm a big fan of One N' Only Argan Oil (photo above). The trick is not to use heat-styling tools very often, but if you are going to have to blow dry your hair, then apply a heat protector either over the leave-in or in place of it. I'm in love with TRESemme Heat Tamer (photo above). Otherwise, leave your hair to air-dry.

Step Three: If you have air or blow dried your hair, but still need to style your hair for an event, spritz your hair with a heat protector, or use a protecting cream. I've only just started using Ion Healing Jojoba Flat Iron Cream (photo above), but my hair felt nice and soft afterwards!

Step Four: Use protein treatments once to three times a week if you have dyed or bleached hair. I use One N' Only Brazilian Tech Keratin shampoo and conditioner (photo above). The reason keratin and protein treatments shouldn't be used excessively is because sometimes it can actually dry out the hair, but it's needed if your hair has been bleached because basically, when one bleaches their hair, they're taking out the protein from it.

Step Five: I have naturally dark chocoloate locks, but am always experimenting with hair color, especially bleach, which is a definite no-no if you want healthy hair. My whole head of hair was turned blonde in one of my hair-coloring experimentations, and I found out that I don't look very good with blonde hair. In order to get back to my natural color I used a box of hair color that you can buy from any drug store. That was a big mistake. Those kits actually lift color out of your hair in order to deposit the new color, even the ones that say semi-permanent. If your intent is to go darker, use a hair glaze. Hair glazes are deposit only and no lift. I just recently used Wella's Color Charm Demi Permanant No Lift (photo above) and after rinsing out the color and using a moisturizing conditioner, my hair looked and felt healthier. Also, if you are going darker, get a shade or two lighter than what you really have in mind.

Step Six: Get your hair trimmed regularly. It's been a few months since my hair was blonde and there's still quite a bit of damage left that I've been cutting off and every time I get a trim, my hair feels much better. Try not to have your hair stylist razor-cut your hair; sometimes razor cuts lead to pulling and tugging at your tresses, causing breakage. Some expert stylists are able to cut your hair to look like it has been razor-cut, but without using such a damaging technique. Get your hair trimmed every four to six weeks.

Now, let me wrap this up. All in all, be very gentle with your tresses. Dry, frizzy hair is more likely to break off when not handled correctly. Try not to use heat to style your hair either, if you can help it. I hope these tips help you out! Tune in next Makeover Wednesday, ladies!

PS. I will be visiting my brother for a week, so I'm sorry if I won't be able to update this blog until then.

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