28 August 2011

Storybook Sunday!

It's a glorious Sunday afternoon! Before I moved, Sundays were usually my only days off and I actually kept myself busy all day with stuff I didn't get to do throughout the rest of the week while I was working. But today I finally have time to laze about, which is exactly how things should go on a Sunday.

Whenever I have free time I usually get on my computer or cellphone and go to FanFiction.net for some juicy Hey Arnold! fanfiction. Not all works in the Hey Arnold! community are fiction. In fact, one of my favorite authors is one that I enjoy specifically for her essays on the Hey Arnold! show. There is one particular essay of hers that I would like to suggest to all who are just now entering into the Hey Arnold! obsession.

Today's reading is: An Ultimate Hey Arnold! Essay, written by HAFanForever

This essay gives a brief introduction to the show, such as who the creator is and how long it aired, as well as future ideas that were never put to work. It also goes on to describe in detail two of the main and, in the Hey Arnold! community, most well liked characters. I do believe that this is one of the best essays that describe the Arnold and Helga relationship perfectly.

Do not be hesitant to read this because you are already familiar with Hey Arnold! This essay is also a very good read for those who are quite familiar with the show, but would like a new perspective of things. I have been quite familiar with the show for some time, but this essay actually helped me learn a few more tid-bits that I had not thought of before, or had not put much thought into in the beginning. It has been a nice refresher for me.

Do take the time to give this essay a read. I promise you will not be disappointed.

For more of HAFanForever's works, take a look at her FanFiction profile HERE.

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  1. Hi Aubrie! Thanks sooo much for making this blog page about me and my essay! I agree with everything you say, especially in how it can help people learn more about the show or refresh their memories on it. I know I learned a lot during the time that I rediscovered it, and as I was writing the essay, I gradually learned more about Arnold and Helga than what I already knew, and that helped me a lot. I've had some other friends say that the essay could be something that should be read by newcomers of the fandom or the definitive source of Arnold and Helga.

    Thanks again for giving me this accreditation and for saying I'm one of your favorite authors. :) I think my closest friends think that I am the best at writing essays about this show, and I don't like to sound like a show-off, but I'm glad that people think that about me, and I'm sure you think so, too.