19 September 2011

Manly Monday!

I haven't had one of these in a while, and sadly this one is also going to be short because I have an oral presentation due tomorrow, therefore I need to finish my index cards and PowerPoint. Rawr, college... Ok, so on with the point - Last week, I was completely blown away by a very kind and genuine gesture that one of my classmates pulled and it gave me the idea for this particular entry.

It was just after our art class and we were all packing up and getting ready to go home. Now, in our art class, we have a lot of supplies that takes about three arms to carry, it seems. However, one of my guy friends proved to be a true gentleman when he asked to carry a few things of mine to my car. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Throughout the Hey Arnold! series, Arnold often asked Helga if he could carry her books for her. I always thought this was one of the cutest and most romantic things that happend throughout the series, but always thought it couldn't ever happen in real life. Boy, was I proven wrong!

Ladies, please be wary if a stranger asks you to carry your possessions. I have only been going to school here for a couple of weeks, but I said he could help me because the parking lot at the school is a very public place, and my car was pretty close to the entrance to the school anyway. Under slightly different circumstances, I would have declined his offer.

So here I was, being given a break from carrying all of that stuff, and while he and I have the same amount of supplies, he truly didn't mind carrying extra. Men? You, too, can become a potential Arnold for a figurative Helga if you become generous with your time and kindly in your actions.

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