17 September 2011

Weekend Bash!

Surprise!!! I've added a new day to post. I was going to post a Weekend Bash! when I first started the whole scheduled posts deal, but I didn't seem to remember. Grr, I hate that. Anyway, I feel as though this blog has strayed from its original purpose. Not that it really had much of one, but I'd like to think it had more to do with the Hey Arnold! franchise than I've led on. So Weekend Bash! is all about my thoughts on everything regarding Hey Arnold!

This week, I'll make an interesting start!

Did you know that there are chapter books for Hey Arnold!? There are nine in all, four of them are based on episodes, one is based on the movie, but the other four are completely independent, never-been-made-for-television originals!

I was just taking a look at Amazon, and I found that a few of these books in new condition is EXTREMELY PRICEY!!! One of them I saw with a price tag of over $1,000.00! What? For a Hey Arnold! book?! I guess even the book people know how awesome Hey Arnold! is. Someday, I hope it's in such high demand that they bring it back to television. That's my lifelong wish.


If they get The Jungle Movie out before I die, I will have lived a full life. Now, back to my studies!

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